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Keepin' It Fresh

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part 2 ... this was last week's kitchen duty as we made final preparations for Saturday 😊
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Singing Mr. Jam Man to the tune of Mr. Sandman. : )

Some mistakes end up not being mistakes.

Fresh frozen is the best, It will last all year.


Give a Blue Ribbon for the Ball Blue Book. Just don't turn yourself blue. (I am holding back and keeping the comment clean.) LOL ;-)))


thanks all 😊 currently steaming fresh corn for freezing and making Orange Marmalade 😉

canning and freezing fresh veggies is how I started making jam. my wife and I wanted to get away from the canned vegetables from the store, so we started our garden back in 2012. I was using the Ball Blue Book to learn how to can potatoes, carrots, green beans, etc ... then one day I found Apple Butter by mistake. things have never been the same since 😂 lol


Traffic jam sound pretty good.

Still not sure if I would prefer it to the individual flavours... I think I will need to take some strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and rhubarb jams too for comparison... :))


YUM! :) penny


you are not alone, it's my second batch in 2 weeks 😊


Ha! I love the name Traffic Jam! And now that I know what's in it, I'm sure I WOULD love it! :o)


It's adds to our enjoyment of life when we share ideas and such from around the world.


Traffic Jam is clever!


yes they do 😊

Kids tell it like it is.


I thought so too Alex 😊


The Jam Man is an appropriate moniker :-))


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thank Heidi ... she's the one that told me about Traffic Jam 😊 I ad-libbed a bit but it is quite tasty


Mmm. that sounds tasty, cute name. ;-)


strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb & a little lemon Maria 😉


What's in Traffic Jam?

Good, and that is wonderful. It is a fitting name.


it's worth it. saw a little one today who knows me as "the jam man" 😊

WOW, so much of everything. You have been working overtime.

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