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Ebony on sofa - 2019

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Ebony, our shyest cat, is very bonded with my partner, and spends a lot of time on the sofa with him. Ebony will let me touch or stroke him only when he's relaxed on the sofa, on the bed with me, or wanting me to feed him upstairs in the room where he spent his first weeks at our house. My partner can pick him up for a few seconds. Neither of us has succeeded in getting Ebony into the cat carrier.
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I do believe over time, and that abundant patience you obviously have, he will come around. You might also try bribery and treats.


He is very beautiful!


What a beautiful cat


They are well and truly loved.


He's wonderful to cuddle some mornings in bed with me. I wish I could cuddle him every day. I think I have a spiritual connection with him.


Ebony is stunning....I would love to cuddle him.....


Oh, in a quick look I found two cats that don't live here. Clara belongs to Yarrow. They live with Yarrow's mom, now far away. And Pablio, the visitor cat who belonged to a neighbour, has sadly disappeared. I didn't go far enough back to find former cats. But I'll soon publish a puzzle of my first black cat--from the 1970s.


Four now. I'm not sure how many of our former cats have been in puzzles here. -Patsy


You have some beautiful cats! I can't count them all!


Lovely folk tales, thank you for sharing them.


Always loved that idea of blue and pink origin, but there are others. Another tale said that when babies are born, they know all the secrets of mankind. Angels seal in the knowledge by touching between the noses and mouths. And that is why we humans have philtrums differing from other mammals. Folk tales are sometimes better than scientific facts.


That is a wonderful photo because he does not get lost. That is very interesting as to where girls and boys come from.


Black cats are difficult to photo. This picture really shows the nuances of shading so his handsome face comes through. And, the blue background is perfect for the boy. Egyptian folktale says boys come from the blue heavens and girls from pink roses, hence the colors.


Thanks beyond words. She is the at the very beginning of my catalogue, which I think is about 39 pages. She is very much my Sweete Pie. You will also see some of my other pets back there, too. Enjoy.


Thanks for all those links! I just didn't go far enough back. I'll have a look at all of them, bookmark most, and do some right away. I've already had a quick view of two--she's indeed a sweetie!


I had Sweetie on tissue salts and it made a big difference in her health and her shyness. I described the issues to the clerk in the health food store who was used to recommending does for small animals. It worked a treat.

Here are a few links on my beauty. One of them did not hyperlink, but I don't know why.
I am pretty proud of her and she is 19 years old


dhi, I looked for a puzzle of Sweetie Pie but didn't find one. Did find a couple of cute pics of Alexis. How about recent pics of both someday soon?


Yes, we used the Feliway plugin in the first weeks when Ebony was confined to one room. It may have helped. Now he explores the whole house, attached garage, catio, and catpen (out on the grass). But he's still very skittish.

We have practiced picking him up and putting him on a chair, but he immediately runs away. We also tried wrapping him in a towel, but never succeeded. When we wanted to take him to the vet this year because he wasn't eating much, the vet gave us gabapentin to put in a bit of favourite food to calm him. It seemed to work (making him a bit lethargic) till we tried to get him into the carrier, which I had wiped with Feliway. No way was he going in there! We gave up. The next day he was fine, eating well.


What a beautiful cat. I know that here in Canada, you can purchase a plugin that helps cats to be calmer. You might also check out a good health care to help. It has made a big difference in my Sweetie Pie and she is even brave enough to check out the hallway if it is empty. I hope some of this may help.


A beautiful cat! Thank you for sharing him.

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