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I go bananas :-)

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  1. perleblanche0:22
  2. andie9830:24
  3. Ianto0:25
  4. ullauhrskov0:25
  5. tudie0:28
  6. Sissel0:28
  7. Macawmom0:28
  8. goingsilver0:29
  9. treker0:30
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Ohh thank you Joan for the info. I just call them potatoes :-)))))


These are an actual type of potato


Thanks Hanne, Ianto, PW, Willy, Dave, Juba, Lorna, Ms_Maddy and Rebecca. I made mashed potatoes yesterday and the potatoes was danish :-)))

I think I only buy potatoes from other countrys once or twice a year. In May when our new potatoes cost a fortune, and I am tired of the old danish :-)))))


I have cooked potatoes like these ready for use tomorrow..... and more outside in my potatobox.... They say that they are from something called the Lamb fjord, not Russian... and they are yellow as normal....... :-)))))))

I had a potato knish yesterday.


I long for potatoes like this.


Strange bananas,must be something Russian?


I think those bananas are what we call asparagus potatoes..... :-)))))))

Don't get Hoff started.

But the rest sounds wonderful


Ummmm - banana vodka?


I would roast these taters in the oven or put them in a stew. They have a sweet flavor and would make a nice potato salad boiled with the skin on.

Please share.


::::thinking of roasted banana recipes::::::

I love both.


Hmm, I don't think I'd want these 'bananas' with my breakfast cereal! Thanks for the smile Sissel! Have a great weekend.


I think they are quite appealing as they are, Bekka.


Think I’ll make a banana salad 🤔


You would wait a LONG time for those bananas to get ripe! ;)


Good morning Bekka. I think I will :-))))


Be sure and peel them first.

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