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From Our Kitchen To Yours

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this was two weeks ago, as we began preparing for an event that was held July 31st
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With or without snoring?

The couple wins.


@Juba1010 ... 😊

@ulangariver ... there are times I think the same thing Nev 😊 lol I took a mini-vacation from the kitchen these past 2 days ... napping mostly 😂

@CJ45 ... yes I do 😊 I get a lot of returns, and they all get a bath when I get them home ... whether they have had one or not. I have also set my hot water heater at 140°F, instead of the normal 120° I have a couple that bring me 12 jars at a time and walk away with another flavor to try 😊

Great name for the jelly.


John do you have a dish washer for the returned jars ?


That’s a sweet tribute to your brother. It’s sounds really good too.


@PutterDutt ... Mike is my older brother, and he is the reason I make Strawberry Jelly. He told me my Strawberry Jam was good ... except for the seeds. So the next time I sent him something, it was Strawberry Jelly. He passed away suddenly 5 years ago, so I changed the name to "Mike's Strawberry Jelly" as a way to remember him 😊


Who is Mike? (Strawberry Jelly.)


😊 we do have a 50¢ jar return policy 😇 lol


I wish I lived closer. You would be getting quite of my retirement money.


@PutterDutt, @Isaly2, @gogogo, @Sissel, @manicpuzzler, @sbwilner, @Max_Tooney, @nanab, @firstdawn, @bblessing, @dudicat, @niccolino59, @girlinaglass92, @msbonne, @ulangariver, @JillianB, @iceng, @Bill_I_Am, @PWH, @Ms_Maddy, @Surreal_Heidi, @Watchman, @Kyrin, @Bubble, @robf, @ladywil2, @brightspark, @Fishes, @pasta, @ringleader, @teamac, @nanapuzzler, @okieclem, @hippo, @CJ45, @jeribar8, @Mischka, @rswestley, @kmccarrel, @Tincup, @patsquire,

True, you do need some for the other markets. More kitchen time.
Bread as well.


@Ianto ... we left some home for the markets this week, but I'll be in the kitchen all week long 😉

@Juba1010 ... not in jelly form ... more like jump starts the drooling mechanism 😊

@mauismom ... aronias are chokeberries. someone in marketing decided a more Italian sounding name would sell better when it hit the stores a few years back. the "healthy berry" it's high in anti-oxidants, helps with inflammation, and tastes pretty good once you turn it into jelly 😉




love the lids. what are aronias?


Does the Aronia jelly dry out your mouth?

All look great. How little do you have left?

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