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Glacier Girl after restoration

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Here is the P-38 now named Glacier Girl in all her fully restored glory.
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  1. romanh8:33
  2. Cairnwyn9:08
  3. boatmam1289:58
  4. spudulike10:35
  5. Lodu10:57
  6. goodallman11:06
  7. meinc113:04
  8. malcolmm18113:19
  9. smoky6513:49
  10. Budrox14:57


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I'll be looking for that. Love these old war birds.


Reminds me of the P-61 Black Widow recovered from a mountaintop in New Guinea, now being restored in Reading, PA. She'll be the only flying P-61 in the world when completed; hopefully, not destined to go up in smoke.

I first read about that B-29 in the waiting room for a doctors appointment. I actually took the Smithsonian magazine and still have it. As I was reading the article with excitement, I turned the page to see the whole project up in flames and smoke. Very sad day. But I did break out in tears of joy the first time I saw Glacier Girl take off!


That was sad to see the B-29 ready to fly and then the smoke. All they could is watch.

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