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  1. ismand9:18
  3. Wolf710:31
  4. vandita11:30
  5. Gina554411:55
  6. beaulieu11:59
  7. Dhen10HB12:45
  8. panos7212:47
  9. aahmn13:18
  10. jime6513:38


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Hi Porgy! So glad you enjoyed my puzzle! Thank you for leaving a comment! ♥


What a cool puzzle, now you can shake them all up and make another one!! Thank you.




16:41 ♥♥♥


DB, you know you're faster than greased lightening! It took me just shy of 30 minutes! Happy Puzzling my friend! ♥♥♥


Hey mate, I've only just found this puzzle.....I don't normally do large puzzles like this and now I know why!!!! Thanks for the great challenge but I think I should stay with smaller ones - going by the time it took me!!!!


Ha Taz! They have been around a while. Good ones usually are! I think I re-posted it for someone asking what I meant about the puzzle of paint cans.... ♥

Hi Chris,
I think I've seen these before! lol


Hey you! What a cool puzzle. Where are you? I hope everything is ok. Just makes me uncomfortable to have you MIA. (lol)


Thank you Rosee! Much love to you and Munchie! My grand daughter had a tonsillectomy last Monday and Wednesday was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia... She got to come home today. Spending the day with my kids... priceless! Hope you are feeling better! *** Hugs*** Sweet Girl!♥♥♥


I have this bookmarked until I can see fully straight again. Anyway I just wanted to wish you a grand Mother's Day. I hope your family makes it special for you :-))


You are more than welcome my friend! ☺☺


Thanks for the challenge, mate☺☺

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