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Farewell to primary school

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From September, my eldest granddaughter goes to secondary school, a big switch.
Small children grow up, and grandparents get... old ;-)

Afscheid van de lagere school
Vanaf september gaat mijn oudste kleindochter naar het secundair onderwijs, een grote switch.
Kleine kinderen worden groot en grootouders worden...oud ;-)
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You never know, huh ☺


Oh come on!!


I hope so Marina, but my age is getting in the way a little (a lot).


She seems so happy she is growing up. Jalklien I'm certain you'll see her finishing the secondary school, University and beyond.


You're welcome Sissel ♥


Thank you Lia, very sweet of you!


Thanks Carol. It looks good, I hope it stays good.


Thanks for sharing Jaklien :-)))


Wishing her all the best and if possible: fun at school too!
And you in seeing her do it!


Lovely picture. Such a wonderful future in front of her!


It is already midnight for us lol


Fortunately, neither do I. My big problem is that I'm an owl, I don't need to go to bed in the evening and then ... so looks my morning ♥:))


Recognizable, although I am happy to have no significant problems to date ☺


Jaklien, you're right. It is said that a person is as old as he feels. Well, I sometimes feel like I'm a hundred years old ... especially in the morning, then it usually gets better ... LOL ♥;))


Thank you, Deanna, for your kind comments. To our children/grandchildren we notice how old we are ourselves huh ☺♥


Thanks Cyndi, I am very confident.
B.t.w: nice avatar!


Jaklien, thank you for the photo of your beautiful granddaughter, I send congratulations to both of you, you are definitely very happy with her. It's true, according to children, we see time running ♥:))


Thanks for sharing this picture with us. Your granddaughter will do just fine.


Thanks Jill. I am really curious how she will do it, but she is looking forward to it.


Hey Raaike, dank je wel. Natuurlijk ben je altijd bezorgd hé.
Alle grootouders vinden hun kleinkinderen 'speciaal', maar J. zal allicht weinig problemen kennen, tenzij ze er vierkant haar voeten aan veegt natuurlijk, wat ik betwijfel. Ze is nogal een pietje precies ☺


What a delightful photo of her. A new era for her, and you. Exciting.


Thank you Jerry for your kind response.
It will be the other girl's turn within two years.


Jaklien, ze ziet er gelukkig uit.
Ze zal nu zeker wel een goeie vakantie verdient hebben.
Toch gek dat je daar als oma zoveel aan denkt he.
Het zal haar zeker wel lukken, het ziet er een slimmeke uit. :-))) ♥


@Jaklien Congratulations, grandmother! You survived primary school...again! Best wishes to both of you. Stay well.

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