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Bobby's - For Brie

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This is Bobby's Frozen Custard in Maryville, IL. Bobby's is the best! The ice cream is extra smooth and creamy and they have so many varieties to choose from. Besides the long list of regular flavors and toppings, here are a few fun flavors -
Grasshopper - Chocolate chips, Creme-de-Menthe
Crunch - Chocolate hard shell, Krispies
Bailey's - Bailey's Irish cream flavoring, mocha
Bodacious - Oreo cookies, sprinkles, chocolate custard
Cookie Dough - Chocolate chips, cookie dough chunks
Butter Pecan - Butterscotch, roasted pecan halves

They have sundaes, cones, shakes and concretes. The concretes are sooo good! They also have cakes, pies, chocolate covered strawberries, turtle candy and frozen bananas. They have concerts and other special events every week.

This stand is just around the corner from where Brie stays when she is stateside. Unfortunately, Bobby's is closed from November-March :o(
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Do you think if we asked them they would open just for us...with just a sprinkling of snow...


Oh Laura!!!! That brings back the most wonderful memories...peach 'concrete' sitting outside, just to the right, a balmy evening ...oh thank you thank you!!




Oh Yum, on my way. ☺☺☺☺


Bailey's sounds the best for me....YUM!


They all sound great !!!! Decisions !! Decisions !!


That sounds delicious and very fattening! LOL.
Thanks for explaining, hugs again.


A concrete is a triple thick ice cream shake that can be served upside down. It's super smooth and thick. YUM!

I will be waiting for you, Diana!


What is a concrete, Laura? New to me. You are making me hungry reading all the yummy flavours!
Thanks and hugs.


Some day I may get there!


That's right, Barb. It is always hoppin'!


If the weather there is anything like ours I bet Bobby's did a booming business today. Some of those flavours sound very tempting! Thanks for sharing, Laura. :-)

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