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20 Years From Now

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Hahaaaa. :)


I really have no imagination and no sense of humor... a stick in the mud!


Hey, Hoff, by the time you make it up that hill, this crisis will be over and a new one will already raging! lol


So much truth here. Todays kids when they are older, will have 2020 to explain hardships.

Locked in my house for months
No sports
No bars
No restaurants
No visitors

It will be the equivalent of the miles uphill in the snow with the wolves snapping at my heals.


Always loved those stories when I was a kid. And my aunts were great story tellers, with demonstrations and all LOL


And then we found out there was poison ivy in the field.


Hahahahaha!! For sure! Thanks dj****


OMG, I did tinkle a little on this 1 b/c I was laughing so hard, inside so I won't wake up hubby, butt U sure make it hard ;) I just love U b/c ur such a riot, jiggling in my chair snorting & snickering & trying not 2 LOL :)


LOL! :o)


@sillychick @Mischka @msbonne


Don't forget the hill was three miles long-
AND was full of pebbles and sticks...
and try not to snicker as you tell it!'
Very funny, DJ


This is hilarious Donna.....

Sounds like a good story to me. I listened to a lot of those kind of stories when I was young...the next generations need them also. :-)
I might add some really rough and crunchy leaves in there, too. tee hee


@kmccarrel @Donnajames @nanapuzzler @IssyCoston @dhi @irisriver @bdmc @lovesgulls @Droelfzehn @Magaella @Peggystarr3 @myself1935

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