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Geo Spinner.... (Size S)....

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  1. Rick0:56
  2. mudwasp1:08
  3. krkarnes1:08
  4. javasage1:08
  5. prunellainpa1:10
  6. evina561:10
  7. SMor2Ditto1:11
  8. teegee1:13
  9. kimmeh1:13
  10. miana1:13


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Thank you PJ, fun is what it's all about... That you find this a work of art is very rewarding, as creating puzzles is most enjoyable for me.... :) :)


Wow. An elegant, intricate, highly creative work of art. I'm impressed, It was also fun to solve!


On Skype right now....


G'day Snooker, are you all chalked up and ready for the new season? We went to a local talent show last night that raises money for the volunteer bush fire fighters... One of our Art Class buddies and her husband were in it... Playing Ukuleles of all things... :) We really enjoyed it.... Getting a late start this morning.... :) :)

Thank you Patti.... :) :)

Hi Francine, glad you spotted that... Every once in awhile I can beat her... It takes a lot of diversionary tactics.... Thanks.... :) :)

Thank you QORE.... If a puzzle cheers you up it has done its job.... Hugs.... :) :)

Leet, sometimes they turn out better than the original plan.... Glad you liked it... Thank you.... :) :)

Not quite Royal Blue, more primary... Glad it caught your eye, it is rather bright.... Have a great Jekyll day.... Hugs good buddy..... :) :)


Geo Spinner is a winner! A most delightful arrangement of color and an eye catching design. This is great, L Thank you!!

Such good planning....very successful.Thank you.


Sooo good! Great colors, a very cheerful puzzle, thanks!


Oooh Sally. This is great. Thanks. [And you beat Chrissie's time!!]


Really nice! Thanks, Sally!

Thought of a four leaf clover at first but it is a lot more than that. Very nice.


Thank you Shirley.... So glad you enjoyed it.... :) :)


TY pkin.... :) :)


Thanks sally, Like the clever little details, pleasure to solve. :) :)


Gorgeous thanks

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