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In case my Jigidi friends are wondering!

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What has happened to Dixie Gal....M.I.A....April 19, 2021


I agree, day at a time. Thank you!

Golly Dottie,
I sure am glad all is well, weather wise that is, I just read comments on another puzzle, about your husband...Hang in there, one day at a time.


Thank you so much for your prayers, Haney. I hope all is well with you and yours. Dottie : )


Well put, Dottie. We have been watching closely and keeping all of you in our prayers. Haney :-)


Donna I agree with you! Just hope we are through with bad weather for this year. An aunt of mine was killed in a tornado in 1955. She lived in McDonald's Chapel, (outskirts of west Birmingham) not far from where I lived at the time. It was a really bad one and destroyed many homes, etc! I too, feel so bad for the people in Fairfield. It looked pretty bad on the TV weather reports. So glad you didn't get any of it. Hugs to you, dear Donna!


This is hilarious after all that rain that "some" got last week. Not funny to those in the flooding but one way of putting it, I'd say. :))
I wanted to check in and see if you had any damage or problems with flooding last week. I see by the answers below that you did NOT and I'm very happy to hear that. I feel so sorry for those folks in Fairfield. It would just be awful for that to happen. We were also spared and did not have any tornadoes close or high wind. We didn't even have a lot of rain, as predicted. Friday was to be the worst day for North Alabama but it didn't happen and I am so thankful. Glad we all got some rain, though. So, take care until next time and I hope we stop having these storms soon. It seems now we have them all year round and not just in the Spring and sometimes in the Fall. I now hope we do not go into a drought. :( Hugs!!!!


Thank you, junglejim! That's a neat title for an album! ~ Dottie

Barb I missed your last comment! Soooo true!!! LOL!!


We have a band in Australia called Not Drowning, Waving. I thought it was the cover of a new album. I'm glad everything's fine.


Thanks Donna, she sure did!! Sun is out today and it's so welcome!! ☂

Iris, thank you so much for your prayers. We needed them. Hugs!


Have been praying for you DixieGal! Take care!♥♥♥


From desert to deluge....LOL


Barb, you should be here to experience this! LOL!!

Brighty, we are safe and dry. Lots and lots of rain the last few days but thank God, no tornadoes in my area. I'm so sad for the ones about 100 miles north of us who had some very destructive tornado activity. Be praying for those people.


What is going on by you - praying you all safe and dry Lots of love ♥♥


LOL Dottie!!!

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