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Found 'em! Two lost hide & seekers

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Actually they were quite noisy and didn't play the game very well. They are three & one and a half, I think we can let their inexperience slide a little.
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It doesn't lock and the family knew where they were the whole time. I understand your scenarios completely and they are very sad for sure but this isn't anything at all the same. Thanks for playing the other ones DC. Talk later, Dave


Well, here I come adding a negative twist to this scenario, seeing
those little ones in that chest, scares the .......... out of me. I
actually know a couple who lost a child who had hidden in a chest.
No one thought to look for him in the house, everyone was looking
for him outside. Makes my heart heavy for these useless deaths.
And children have gotten into cars and closed the doors and were
not discovered until they were dead due to the heat. Can you
imagine the guilt and sorrow these families will live with for the
rest of their lives. Eighty three solves and not one friggin person
used their brains and made a comment that might save someone's
life. Sorry Dave, just had to write. Dollcollector.


Thanks TR, They are both in the "NO!" stage, especially the little one. This will happen but they are both very nice/good/loved little girls (nieces). Thanks, Dclo


I LOVE this picture. They are having the best time and they are so cute!!I love it when they are still that small. Beautiful.


Yes these two little ladies are wild & crazy & sure "love to potty" every chance they get. Booo Dclo booooo! Just a little pun fun there, had to.


They sure were having a good time! :-)))

So cute..

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