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Sourdough Bread Fresh at my Door!

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Sweet bread making friend delivered to me and our mutual friends her hot fresh sourdough bread!
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Oooooh, lucky you! Saw the story of the fire, thank heavens you saw it! And the 'pshcyo guy?' Wowzers! Glad it had a happy ending for you!


What an unsettling experience, Carol! Good response and glad you're okay. French Onion Soup sounds divine! Mmmmm.


It is a complicated time for so many.
Continue to take care & be safe.


Donna, no I live on Whidbey Island, Washington State....just south of the B.C. border. I am an American citizen now but LOVE my birthplace. That guy was weird, we are a relatively small town (home to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island).......recently we seem to have attracted not so pleasant homeless and drug type people. Sad.


By the way, good instincts on the 'crazy' man!


Hi Carol.
Canuck greetings to you.
Do you still live in Canada?


Dhi (Donna) I see you are from London, Ontario! I am originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. Greetings from another Canuck! ;)


Calluna, he is my little buddy and quite a comfort during these crazy times.
Sally, definitely on the mend but a tad weak.
Dhi, it was good........with lots of melted butter

Must tell you Ladies I came home from the restaurant with French Onion Soup was so good with all that stringy melted cheese!! ;) Unfortunately, when I came out of the back of the building there was a man (drugs? crazy? psycho?) who kept approaching me saying he wanted to "talk". Gut instinct took over and I yelled "STOP" and went back into the building for help. I was right, when I went onto a community website later that day I saw several postings about this person........including an attempted home break-in while the lady was getting in her car. Police know. Scary.


Oh that does look delicious, enjoy and be well.

So nice to have you back Carol66. Glad you are on the mend.


Whew. One just can't help wonder and worry these days. So glad you're on the mend! Kudos to your boss/friend....wonderful to hear. Hope Payton is helping you with recuperative purrs and snuggles!


Jaklien, I am fortunate!

Calluna, I wasn't on Jigidi for about a week? Getting over a nasty "bug". Other
than feeling terrible I was not worried. No temperature, breathing was fine
with no cough.........mostly intestinal. On the mend. Well, enough to go to
work for a bit each day to catch up.....not too worry, restaurant is closed and
deep cleaned. Only my boss/friend and myself there. With no business I am
confident things will be caught up. What a crazy world. I wish I could publicly say
what great things my boss/friend has/is doing for his laid off employees.


How sweet is that! Such caring friends should be cherished ♥♥♥


Yowza. Looks even more delicious having solved the puzzle.


YUM!! How nice of her! So glad you posted, Carol! Been wondering how you're doing. (LLeft you a message on one of your deer puzzles). Hope this means you and Payton are well and staying safe. :-))

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