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Van Gogh - Starry Night

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416 pieces
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  1. azula2001:16:27
  2. DorotaCJ1:22:34
  3. BaylorfAiry131:26:36
  4. TempusJedi1:27:52
  5. cjl95951:32:06
  6. tmbeigel1:46:23
  7. Helamoon1:50:39
  8. ciroen1:55:26
  9. sprygypsy1:57:24
  10. jennv2:04:00


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I love your puzzels

Love van Gogh! He is one of my favourite artists. Passionate, tempestuous, an all or nothing sort of feel. I can relate. Would love to see a smaller version as I do these in between times and time is short.

I adore van gogh (Bi Pol like me). This is my favourite. Swirling curling skies (like the the BP mind) and still silent earth (our longing for our minds)
Is there a chance this puzzle could be repeated in 60-120 range. Time is short for large puzzles. Thanks

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