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Hiking in the Cantabrian mountains of northern Spain #3

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Can you bear my posting more of these scenic pictures? This was taken by our grandson, who is on an archeological dig in the Oviedo, Spain area. He went on a hike with some of his fellow 'diggers' over the weekend.
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  1. glenestele1:11
  2. pavla71:18
  3. coolcatt20201:20
  4. thinkingcap1:31
  5. PuzOz1:34
  6. Pekaji1:40
  7. renner131:42
  8. loons1:43
  9. wizardjt1:46
  10. Isaly21:49


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Thank you for another amazing photo your grandson sent you. I love mountains and do live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. I am thrilled that your grandson has the opportunity that he does to do an archeological dig. In my younger days I dreamed of being able to do this but never got the chance. Enjoy the rest of your evening.....Cyndi


@Isaly2 -- I tried to post this earlier but I'd done my 24 hour quota and this one wouldn't 'take' right then. I'm free now -- ha, ha!

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