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Frida Kahlo Self PortraIt

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  1. Dclo0:55
  2. emilym1:15
  3. Macawmom1:27
  4. Soli1:28
  5. SueDo1:29
  6. rozguillen1:30
  7. octhomasad1:32
  8. Juba10101:34
  9. luvsara1:46
  10. Bubble1:46


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Stay safe Haze. We had our first hurricane in Belize before our container arrived. . . next time we had generator and 4X4 for hauling away down trees. But that first one took down 20 palms, including 2 Royal Palms at the roadside. Now there is not longer a fine looking long line of them. . . we never cared.


Hi Sharon. Elsa blew unto our southern coastline as a cat.1 Hurricane.
We were prepped for her but although we had no damage at our home, it significantly damaged other homes, tore trees down and left a great amount of debris behind. We personally lost electricity for 3 days and water for the first day. Thanks for your concern Sharon but this is only the beginning of the Hurricane season. Stay fab my dear friend. Keep in touch🌺🌹


Thanks everyone!!! I only happened upon this painting by accident looking for other stuff to put on so it was a first for me as well. @Juba1010 @Berkeleyborn
@peachesgal @Bubble


Hi Haze. I was praying for you when the hurricane hit Barbados. I hope y'all are ok now. Let me hear from you. Love you, my sweet friend. ;-D ❤️


I too always love doing paintings of Frida such an interesting and colourful character.
This one is great - thanks Babe 😍


I haven't seen this one either. I love paintings of Frida. Thanks, my sweet friend. I hope you are well. I think of you often. Take care. Much love and hugs. ;-D ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks Haze. I hadn't seen this one before either.


I’ve never seen this one. Thanks Haze. :-)

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