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Thanks all for the positive comments. @Quilt 65 love your play at the bank. I'm actually confused about the ones they chose to take down. And I noticed that several other Jigidiers are post humorous/gallows humor ( Jigidi's term) puzzles.


How smart of you! Good for you.


It is not enough that we have this virus but we have to have idiots who open their mouths and prove it. I think this puzzle is funny. The real virus is NOT funny. But with all the newspapers and tv showing doom and gloom, you need a sense of humor during it all. I was on line at my bank. People were looking very unhappy with the ONE teller working. All the rest of the tellers were home because there was no school and they had to be with their kids. So I asked "is this the line for toilet paper?" All of sudden all the unhappy faces were smiling and laughing and talking with each other. See. Laughter does lighten the load. Thanks for sharing.

We NEED to have a sense of humor!! Thank you for YOURS!!!




Although the virus is no laughing matter, we need to find humor, joy and some sense of peace during this challenging time. Thank you for this Sauvegirl.


Great puzzle.


Jigidi has admonished me for my "Gallows humor" and pulled some of my puzzles. I have always been someone who needs humor to get through the tough times. Just another example of how a few can rule over the many. Thanks for your comments all.


Thank you for the levity, it is much appreciated.

Hillarious! Thank you a lot :-D

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