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I think I posted one on black and white last May... accidentally... not that there is tremendous amount of difference I I thought I would post 4 different focal the original versions.
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  1. 13133:55
  2. GetJiggy4:31
  3. Jrg7144:59
  4. twistid_lizzie5:22
  5. Anngag785:40
  6. beyondwords5:51
  7. Sheralynn8:08
  8. bluebird428:24
  9. elazajac12:54
  10. TheAge26:52


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A friend just told me the flowers are edible. In the past week I've eaten a few (unwashed) as I was plucking them. I'll check out P. Allen Smith's instructions for the greens.


Thank you, beyondwords, Bluebird42, jerrys, and Jrg714 for your kind remarks on the lowly dandelion endeavor here. We harvest the dandelions in our yard while they are freshly blooming. We dig them up...wash them when ready to use....I like to put the flowers in my morning smoothie... or sometimes we dip them in batter and fry them... and cook the greens using P. Allen Smith's instructions
. The whole plant is edible and nutritious. And quite delicious if you know how to fix them
And since we have been digging up our dandelions before they go to seed...we have far fewer dandelions as the spring and summer go on..

Doing my best to remove dandelion blossoms and buds from our yard, and to compost as many dandelion leaves as I can easily pick. No seedheads yet. A nearby park has plenty of yellow blossoms for us to enjoy and they'll soon go to seed. Then maybe I'll blow.


WOW! Perfect! Thank you Sheralynn


Thanks for the lovely photo. I wish they'd blow onto my neighbor's yard and stay there!

No matter how hard I blow nothing flies away :)

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