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Petoskey Stones

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Found on the beach in Charlevoix, MI
This plate is only a fraction of what we kept. Some of the stones are not Petoskey. We will tumble to polish when we get home. If you google images of Petoskey Stones, you will see what they look like polished.

A Petoskey stone is a rock and a fossil, often pebble-shaped, that is composed of a fossilized rugose coral, Hexagonaria percarinata. ... Petoskey stones are found in the Gravel Point Formation of the Traverse Group. They are fragments of a coral reef that was originally deposited during the Devonian period.


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Thank you valleystream. Good idea, we will do that. Will save the best ones to do by hand. We have enough that we can experiment. :)


Some of my Petoskey stones have been successfully tumbled by a family member. It might be worthwhile giving one or two of yours a try at it.


LOL Suzy! Thank sounds exciting!


Bring 'em to FL in the spring with sand paper. We'll sand them around the campfire or on the beach while talking!!! :)


: )


Always something new to learn about on Jigidi! Thanks,


Thank you kathie, Lunie, Shirley, valleystream, Suzy and Ardy!
Will try to remember Ardy. (to take before & after) We found out that we can't put Petoskey Stones in the tumbler. According to the internet, we have to sand them by hand in 3 separate stages with different grit sand paper. I think we will be busy for awhile! LOL


I see one with some fascinating patterns on the middle left edge and a multi colored one that looks interesting about half way up the same edge. It will be so fun to see the polished version. You will take before and after photos won't you? Thanks, Sandy,


Girl!!! That will make some fine tumbling!!!!! You two know how to hunt!!!
What gorgeous rocks they are. ♥


I too have found Petoskey stones, but not in the quantity of your find. I wonder how many of us have a "bowl of rocks" as decor, and beach glass here and there.


I finally get to comment, this is my third attempt, I had so many interruptions.
I love these they are lovely but when I googled images of Petsokey Stones, I was blown away with their beauty after being polished, Thanks for sharing these Sandy.


Nice find Sandy! Thanks for the info too!


LOL kathie. Is that 22 lbs per day, or per year, per person? I think we are safe. A lady at a Welcome Center told us about that stone confiscation. :)


That is a very interesting collection of rocks.


We will, Beekay! We have so many stones in the back of our camper, it will take months to do all of them. LOL We will do the Petoskey stones first, because we want to see them polished. :)


Lever, we are camping outside of Petoskey right now. Hope you caught some big ones. We spent 2 days on the beach collecting the stones. The weather has been beautiful. We also found a few banded agates and lots of beach glass!
There are a lot of different kinds of stones to look for on the beaches up here Jim. We started in the upper peninsula along Lake Superior and worked our way down. I knew you would like seeing these. I brought the beautiful stones (you gave me) to S. Carolina. They are displayed in my little rock garden near the front door. If you are a good boy, Santa may send you a polished one through the mail! :) P.S. We will be on the beaches again in a couple days looking for Leland Blue stones at Leland, MI.


Will you show us some of your favorite ones after you polish them? That would be fun to see.


I fished at Petoskey and had a five gallon pail half full that I had picked up along the beach. I sold them at my garage sale.