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Unpaid Baby Sitters

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  1. Hdfat2:26
  2. Thowra3:22
  3. sccooper3:41
  4. KonaDreamer3:46
  5. slavka13:52
  6. Rnel4:01
  7. sjh9624:25
  8. girlinaglass924:45
  9. kareng4:53
  10. rndixon5:02


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Thank you girinaglass92, Puzzlesjustforme, pinksugar611, and meggie for your comments. I agree this does look somewhat dangerous, but I agree with girlinaglass92's comment that the parents are nearby and probably hanging onto the little ones feet for the picture. Dogs just like to be in the activities and nosy.

Yup, it is terrifying.....only relieved by the fact that one or both parents is hopefully standing there taking the picture! But the thought of all the little ones who DID fall in and had no nearby savior is truly frightening. It's not the dog's responsibility for the baby - it's the parents'!!!


This photo comes around again, and again, and I think the same members
have responded to it. I think it is terrifying too, Meggie. I cannot believe
anyone would ooh and aah of this one. Sure, the dog would get her out
after she has her lungs full of chemical laced water.


That is one terrifying picture.


Dogs and Children the perfect match. I have no doubt if that baby fell in that dog would get her out.

Oooh, get, stay here! Oooh, get, stay here!! Oooooooh.....

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