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Claude Monet - Caricature of a Man with a Large Nose (May17P03)

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When Monet was 16 he was already well-knowned for his caricatures. He said that he has earned significant amount of money by drawing some of the folks of Le Harve.

Every Sunday, when 5 or more of his new caricatures hung in a farmer's shop window where the Le Harve townsfolk would gather and had a good time laughing when they recognised themselves or their friends.

2nd of a set of caricatures by Claude Monet. Please enjoy and have a good laugh.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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  3. emilym1:00
  4. wobby1:08
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Ha, ha, ha.

You are most welcome, Butterladyflybug :-)))))

Laughter is great. It makes us feel wonderful.


I really had fun solving all of your Monet caricatures tonight. Thanks for keeping me laughing tonight, jasonchung.


Ha, ha, he has to start from somewhere :-))


This is a serious caricature Jason, a new side of Monet ? Will look out for some more, very engaging xx (❀ᴗ❀)


OK, I will see what I can do, Jeri.


Of some old stuff?


Yes ! We want more caricatures ! What Fun !


He probably smells very well.


Hee, hee, there is. Want more?


Is there any more of these ? So funny !

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