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GinaMarie: A Last Farewell

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Last evening GinaMarie left me, the other West Texas Kids and Scallywags Squads to make her transition to the Rainbow Bridge. I whispered in her her to take snuggles, love and best wishes to all her friends, brothers, sisters and her Jigidi pals that have gone before her. As sweet as she is and was, I know they have all been delivered.

She had lost some weight over the last year or so, but did a rapid nose dive over the weekend.
She joined my family September 26, 2010. She and a yellow tabby bro, that Mama G named Toe were adopted by to guys on the other side of me. When the moved back to town the took their 2 pugs with then and left the 2 cats. There is no accounting for some people. Mama G had seen her and fed her some as she waited for her people to come back then on the 26th she made her way to my house. There was a thunderstorm coming and Mama G asked if I'd take this sweet little wonder for the night. I said no, that if she ever came into my house she was there forever... and she always will be,

Love you so much, GinaMarie! My pillow was very empty last night. You see she always claimed the top half. Enjoy romping with all your friends and being whole and happy. You will live forever in my heart.
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He'll take them to be sure, Nancy!


Awww......sending Tres an extra cuddle. ❤️

Bless you @jandchris, we all love and miss our fur babies. They so easily steal our hearts.

Like you @Ilovejigidicats I often dream of my sweet girl. She was 19 years old with only three legs when we had to let her go. Thank goodness for photographs and memories. Thank you for your sweet words. :-))

Thanks Nancy, Tres has been close as he & GinaMarie hung out together a lot. puitepe, ILoveJigidicats, Tisketsmum, jandchris, thank you all for your lovely comments and support. It is always hard but as puitepe said, there is always more for them after leaving.


Oh Betty! Always so hard when our fur babies have to leave!! GinaMarie was a gorgeous girl with a real sense of style, as well as fun/mischief (that purple feather!!) who had the best loving home with you. Sending you hugs; Ollie and Tavi send their special chirpy purrs in commiseration. Hopefully the Kiddos and Squads are finding their way as they realize one of their group has left and are rallying round to give you some extra snuggles as well. ❤️❤️


somehow all animal-people know that there will be more for them after leaving. i am allready frightened of the idea of letting my tow old boys go (hope not to soon).they always leave an empty place in one's life

@jandchris I’ve lost a number of cats over the years and I miss them all so much. But like you, I miss so much one I lost over 20 years ago - I still even dream about her. Most of the dreams are panicky ones - I’m holding her and I daren’t put her down unless I lose her. I guess those dreams are self-explanatory :((
I had my little Bambi from a few weeks old until she was nearly 19 1/2 years old so she was with me for a big chunk of my life. Every single loss of a furry companion is so painful though. At least we all understand each other’s feelings at such a time


So sorry for your loss, I know just how close we feel to our fur babies. Cherish the memories and remember only the good times. Tisket and I send you a virtual cuddle ❤️

My heart breaks for you, and I feel your pain. I lost my beautiful Katy over 20 years ago and I still get upset when I think of her.

Thank you, togocat, they are each special and she indeed was. I got a photo from an online memory. The photo is fabulous and I'll post it in a day or so.


Babray, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Thanks for sharing her story, and thanks for the good life you gave her. Her memory will live with us all.

She did indeed, Ilovejigidicats, she did indeed. Thank you for the picture comments, much like Impie's boy Goodie, she did not mind the camera and seemed to enjoy it.
Character is a bit of an understatement. 😄

What can I say that others haven’t said already? I am so very sorry for you, I’ve been there and know how hard it is. My heart goes out to you. You made GinaMarie feel happy and loved and she did the same for you. You gave each other the greatest gifts.
The photos of her are lovely, she was obviously not only beautiful but had a crazy-fun streak too. ❤️❤️

Thank you, morepeicesplz, beyondwords, glo9, Impie, webpeggy, EllaMB & julie88. She was a character and yes, Patsy I think she was however I think all cats have that moniker as well.
Impie, the rest of the story is that Papa G's nephew married the sister of these 2 guys and told her the story. She remembered and confirmed that they did indeed adopt the 2 cats. She apologized for her brothers and offered to "take her from me" since her brothers had left her. Mama G gave a huge belly laugh and told her it would be over my dead body that GinaMarie went anywhere, that her idea was a complete non-starter! Funny enough, she never apologized to me, even though she & her hubby lived in the same house her brothers lived in for a while.
Impie, she did die a happy kitty girl, se knew she had me wrapped around her paw and would say no, but keep asking, mom will give in. I always did! :))


So sad. Prayers for you both.


Betty, I'm so sorry to hear of GinaMarie's passing. She was such a lovely sweet kitty girl. There's a hole in your heart, but the sweet memories will begin to fill the space in time and she will always be close by.


I am so, so sorry to hear about beautiful GinaMarie. She was very lucky and thankful to find her home with you. I’m sorry for your loss of a wonderful companion and I wish I could help your pain. God bless you.


I'm so sorry for your loss, Betty. Tears are burning in my eyes as I read your wonderful story and tribute to your sweetheart GinaMarie♥♥
Her former people are not worthy to have pets at all, but I'm so glad that after they were abanded, she found you. She couldn't have found a better loving forever home than yours. Almost 11 years of joy and loving you shared with each other. It's very sad she got ill and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, but I do believe she died as a happy kitty girl.
RIP GinaMarie♥♥

Sorry to read that your lovely cat has crossed the Rainbow bridge. You gave her a good home, your care and love. She was very thankful of your goodness.

Oh, Betty! So sorry to learn GinaMarie crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Thanks for telling us a bit of her story and sharing these photos. GinaMarie was so fortunate to have MamaG and you rescue her and then to spend more than 10 years with you and your family. Now all of you can grieve together as GinaMarie plays with friends who had gone before her. And you can remember this spirited cat who brought you joy.
Wasn't she Miss Purrsistence?


My heart is breaking for the loss of your beautiful girl. Sounds like you two were meant to be together - how lucky she chose to be with you. My sincerest condolences.

PS: This was her favorite spot next to my recliner, the side table was hers. :))
The bottom left was the first picture I took of her and the top right is my favorite and captures the mischevious energy she kept until the end

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