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Helping to get senior dogs adopted...

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Okay, we have to be honest here, some people only want pets that fit a certain ideal and as a result, a lot of cats and dogs go unloved and without homes, especially the older and disabled ones.

****This is not a plug for a product - don't get me in trouble****

A dog joint supplement company, YuMove, is donating their product to about 260 shelters in a campaign called 'Get Moving' with the hopes of improving the lives and chances of adoption for older dogs.

At the very least, the elder dogs might find some comfort for the pains of aging, but the hope is they will feel more playful and have improved mobility, increasing their chances of a forever home.
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Hats off to you, Ms._Maddy!! It takes a special kind of person to do that. Thanks.


My kitties are rescues and I volunteer at a shelter :)


Yes, mpp, yours definitely count as rescues. :-)

Good philosophical strategies, you two!


I don't know if mine count as 'rescues'. They show up at the door or in the yard and refuse to leave. Rocket sounds like a smart boy!

TIM - I think doggy heaven might have a nicer class of people.


Mischka, I think you hit on one of the reasons why so many of the older "man's best friends" end up on skid row. First the obvious, they cannot compete with the cuteness and clumsiness of little puppy and secondly, through no fault of their own, they can be very expensive. My wife and I go "out" very rarely and haven't had a real vacation in over 10 years.... well, actually closer to 15 years. A long time ago we both realized neither of us were going to be accepted into 'human' heaven, so we are buying our way into 'doggy' heaven. The food's not as good, but I can pee on the floor and noone complains


Every one of my many, many cats has been a rescue. I prefer 'em black, and the latest, Rocket, is an older kitty. He has FIV and many correlated problems, is super affectionate and grateful for our home with all its soft surfaces.

He has given me nothing but joy. And very high vet bills.


You throw me off - every time - when you show me your nice side... Thank you for looking out for the less popular adoption choices. They deserve to have comfort and love in their later years, which I'm sure they get plenty of from you.


Usually whenever we are looking for another house guest we generally look for an older gentleman or an elderly lady, someone we have something in common with. Someone we can relate to. So if it is an older woman, she usually has hairy legs, and if it is an older gentleman, he usually has hairy legs. We usually take in older dogs and try to find them a comfortable home, but if not, they are welcome to grow old with the rest of us


Now that I think about it, he looks like Benji.


He is indeed!


Thank you for the nice comment, Sherry! To be honest, I also posted because it was a chance to share this little guy's picture - he's a cutie...


Mpp, things change all too fast that it's hard to keep up. At least this company has a heart. Many thanks to them for helping to ease the pains of the elderly animals in shelters. And thanks to you for telling about their kindness. Sherry


Animals, unlike people, seem to find a way to co-exist. My only response is I have learned anything can happen. Sometimes you think you have all you want or can handle and things change...

If I did not have 3 black cats, I would welcome an older dog. Ebony is at least 15 years old and still hops on my bed every night to curl up next to me. Inky likes tummy rubs and sitting on my shoulder when I am at my desk. Ditto just wants love, any time of the day and night.


Clever marketing and a brilliant way to help elder pets. Kudos to the advertising department and to the company for taking on this endeavor, I wish them much success.
Thanks for sharing mpp.


There's no denying the cuteness of a puppy or kitten, but they grow - quickly. A senior pet is more settled, and even a better choice for someone without the energy to chase a puppy.

Another bias is color - black cats rarely get taken home, but I've had three, all strays who showed up at the door, who have been fabulous.

Chilupa was so lucky to not spend his final days in a shelter. You're a special person!


Thank you. My Chilupa was 8 years old and in the shelter for 6 months. He passed suddenly at 11 1/2 in my arms. Even my vet cried when she heard. Yet, I would not give up one minute of the years he was with us. I think of him quite often. The next two sisters I adopted were 4, now 7. Older dogs are wonderful.

Why this advertisement?