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Old Barn (2)

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  1. karlee6:25
  2. Ysaito6:41
  3. RockeyRoad7:15
  4. webpeggy7:21
  5. jobo2mi7:23
  6. Robbos7:42
  7. mariolyn7:55
  8. Volker19658:08
  9. lbv8:09
  10. db668:26


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Thanks my friend for stopping by and leaving a comment! ☺☺


Thanks for a Fair Dinkum puzzle to solve cobber☺☺


Hey cobber! I'm still awake too! Good Morning to you! I'm glad you like this one! I'm new to creating... Most of the pictures I find have already been done many times over... Every now and then I find a good one! Thanks for leaving a Post! I have to be up at 8 to get ready for church... May be just one more puzzle before I turn in! Blessings Montine!!! You Sweet GA Peach! ☺♥☺♥


Chris, you have a very good eye. This was an excellent puzzle. It has all the elements I like in a puzzle. I like good color, horizontal lines, somewhat of a challenge without being frustrating and good subject matter. In other words I really like this puzzle. Thank you, cobber, for putting it. Looks like you had several solvers. That's a good sign. Maybe in a year or two I'll be brave enough to publish a few puzzles. My favorite, so far, is the old truck next to an exceptionally pretty old barn. That was outstanding. I loved it. Can't sleep. I know you are sound asleep at this hour. Let me be the first to wish you Good Morning. ~Montine


Thanks Robbos and TR for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate the feedback especially for pros like the 2 of you! ♥♥


I liked the barns and clouds. Thank you.


What a location to live in☺☺


Mary I agree it looks like a little piece of heaven to me! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am new to creating puzzles so I welcome the feedback! Thanks for stopping by!


Silentsue, I'm not sure where it was taken...but it sure looks like the Sierra Nevada Mountains. to me! Thank you for posting a comment.

This is Gorgeous country. It is so peaceful and serene. I would love to have a place just like this with the snow-covered mountains in the background. This was a wonderful puzzle to work. I really enjoyed working it. Thank you for posting it.

Is that in North/western Nevada, with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.


Thanks my friend! Glad you enjoyed it! ♥♥


WOW, that old barn sure is sitting in a prime position - what wonderful looking mountains!! You're finding some good ones, my friend! ♥♥

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