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Snoopy and his doghouse

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WMUR TV in NH aired a video of Snoopy's doghouse sculpted with snow during this week's Nor'easter.
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  4. tinker30020:14
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Thanks for your comment, Bubble. I don't have any idea how long it lasted but I can definitely report that the snow's all gone now in New England, USA.


Beautifully made Hike - hope it lasted for weeks. (ᐤ❣ᐤ)


I still remember everyone cross country skiing on the above ground trolley tracks in the greater Boston area. Nobody was allowed to drive for around a week and noone went to work unless it was an essential service. The MBTA (public transit) was also shut down during that week after the blizzard.

I'm having rain until tomorrow.


The year after the big snow we had such heavy rains that many of the roads were flooded beyond the abilities of most people's cars. They didn't ban cars that year, but there were many places people simply couldn't go in a standard car.


My grandmother's diaries mention the winter of 1976-77 in upstate and western New York State. Temperatures below zero and so much snow people got stranded and froze to death in their cars. My uncle worked for a Harvester company on Lake Ontario. In one blizzard his plant wouldn't let its workers leave, so he stayed there for 3 days until someone came to the rescue with snowmobiles! We sometimes forget that things HAVE been this bad before.


Glad you enjoyed it, bluebird42. Back then, I lived at Coolidge Corner, Brookline. It sure was a huge amount of snow, and I am thankful that I didn't need to drive a car to work. I was able to take a bus home after work but there were so many cars abandoned on Rte. 128.


hike17, we were living in Sudbury (just outside Rte. 128) at that time. That '78 storm was one incredible mess no matter where one lived!
This is a beautiful use of the "extra snow"! Thank you.


The perfect use for the heavy wet snow! It brings a smile. :) Thank you, Debby,


I lived in the Boston area during the blizzard of 1978. Snow sculptures were all over the place, built during the week when nobody was allowed to drive anyplace at all!




when life gives you snow, build snow sculpture! : )


Thanks, Ianto - I thought so too!

This is great,

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