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Kaleidos made from puzzles by Jacki (bluebird42), Shirley (Shain2) and Sue (Sue1)

Top Row - Jacki - Shirley - Sue
Middle - Jacki - Jacki - Shirley
Bottom - Jacki - Shirley - Sue

Thanks Jacki, Shirley and Sue.
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Some arthritis in the hip and some strained muscle or tendon. We'll go to the doctor tomorrow to find out for sure. If he can't walk without a lot of pain, we won't go. Our first day of the tour is a walking tour of Jerusalem. I expect I'll have some problems with that, too, but I'm taking my trekking poles.


You're welcome, Gail. I like that shining center. I'm interested in knowing what you and hubby find out at the doctor. Tomorrow didn't I read elsewhere? If something is not right better to know here than overseas. Sure hope it's not terrible serious. Hugs.


I love your leftovers, Ardy. My favorite is the bottom right because of the shininess. Thank you, Ardy.


Thank you, Fay. I like your descriptions. I'm pleased you enjoyed these leftovers.


Some very pretty effects here, Ardy and friends. I especially like top right and then bottom right, both for their clever internal patterns, and bottom middle because it's so clear and bright and attractive. Thank you all.

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