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Halloween masks from the past! #4

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  1. MamaCat20040:55
  2. chocjg2w51:04
  3. Julie671:07:20
  4. missnoe1:13:51
  5. leslieg1:22:05
  6. rjski11:22:45
  7. wtinydancer1:31:11
  8. awf81402:31:42


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So glad you love 'em, cause I think they're awesome too! Such fun and vivid & unique color contrasts. They tickle me & inspire me to make more art.
No, I don't collect them personally but happy to find someone does and made these images. i'll add their flickr link. there's many more masks there to marvel at!

Halloween Costumes Vintage Photos

Again, I love these mask puzzles. Do you collect them?

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