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Tbilisi, Georgia, Europe

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In Today’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we visit Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Europe. Tbilisi lies on the banks of the Kura River and is surrounded by mountains on three sides.

Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century. The city is close to the Silk Road, a significant trade route active from the second century until the mid-15th century. Beyond trade, the Silk Road played a central role in societal interactions between the East and the West during this period. This all made Tbilisi attractive among various global powers, and the city has served as the capital of various Georgian kingdoms and republics.

Today 1.5 million people live here, and should you visit, you get to enjoy beautiful, historic architecture and a subtropical climate. And maybe a khachapuri Adjaruli?
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I also like to enjoy the puzzle that I am doing and take my time. If I was watching the clock, it would be nowhere near as enjoyable! But I must admit, with practice I am getting much faster. Not too bad for 86! Thank you.


What a wonderful view of this city. Great puzzle, thank you

Velmi zajímavé město s úžasnou historií.


My daughter has just told us she has a job there next school year. Thanks for the information

Beautiful view! Thank you for sharing. :)


Thank you :)


I’m not rushing too, I like to relax and enjoying what I’m doing !
I’m very far from Ukraine, but my heart is with these peoples and the neighbors countries who’s trying to help!
It is so hard to watch the news, it’s heartbreaking…I hope this will end soon, there’s still some good people on each side, and I’m praying to see it end 🙏


Thank you for posting this. We have several friends who live in Tbilisi, and they are now helping to evacuate Ukrainians.

@lyella bet my solving time is behind yours! I am too old to be rushing through anything anymore... especially something I enjoy. Remember to relax here on jigidi and enjoy yourself!😺


My solving time is far behind, but thank you very much for this beautiful picture. I love it. Many greetings.

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