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Ordered a croissant breakfast sandwich; Thanks Tim Hortons!!

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Posted on Reddit by Throw_Away_My_Sole, who received a lot of sympathy. Tim Hortons received a lot of hate.

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That looks like roadkill 😳


That croissant in the "reality" picture looks disgusting! But the rest doesn't look that appetizing either. *lol dj


But nobody got me a dozen Fruit Explosion muffins??????? I have eaten them on several dog show weekends in Canada.

@mauismom, there are very few Tim's in the US, but they MUST be using different ingredients from the Canadian ones. NOT as good!


Looks fine to me. :D


a few years ago, how good Horton's coffee was when he and his sister visited Canada. there was a Horton's on the way home from his house near Syracuse,NY, and i stopped there to get a coffee for the ride home, and a sandwich. i left the well burnt sandwich in the parking lot for the birds, and threw away the ?coffee? at the next rest stop on the thruway and bought a Starbuck's coffee for my 180 mile ride home. i will never buy from Horton's again. Starbuck's costs too much now that i'm retired.


My question is,... was the order actually paid for?


What's the story, Canadians? :-)

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