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  1. marunka2770:17
  2. Dilubreuer0:17
  3. laurajane0:18
  4. TaDah0:18
  5. NewSong0:19
  6. Ianto0:19
  7. PLG19580:20
  8. chickiemama0:20
  9. goingsilver0:21
  10. Robbos0:21


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You are welcome Floyd.


Thank you Sandy for sharing this action picture.


THank you Jim, bluebird, Lorna, Jan, Toto, islandflyer, Suzy, Hanne, Ardy, ikook, Patti and Jim.


Nice shot chickiemama, I have a similar picture I took up in Canada. Seems to be a similar pose as they have to dry their wings from a lack of oil. A big flock of them can decimate a small lake, eating all the fish.


Look Ma, no hands!


The cormorant seems to be holding a twig in its beak... but decided it wanted to dry its wings first thing...


Very convenient branch, right in the water. It didn't have to fly up into a tree to dry off. You get some really great photos Sandy. Thanks.


Drying its wings - one of the only birds that isn't protected by fat and oil! Thanks so very much Sandy!


You have caught the beauty in this cormorant. They are not the most attractive birds, yet you have managed to find it in this one.


Nice photo, chickiemama. We've got the same idea today. As bluebird42 mentioned, I like seeing them hang out their wings. They seem to stay that way for quite a few minutes.


I like how you've caught the sun sparkle on the water without glaring. Thanks.


It's a great shot, Chickie. Thanks.


Nice one chickie!


I love seeing them hanging their wings out to dry. Nice shot!

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