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Grandpuppy And Friend, Actual Sizes!

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Grandpuppy on left. The other 2 photos make them look the same size, but my grandpup is really much bigger. :-)))
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I think it's a question of a magic camera, not two suns--how else did these two somehow look the same size in the other photos?! LOL! Thanks, all! :-)))


I would never have guessed they weren't the same size! (❛ᴗ❛)


2 shadows, eh......are there 2 suns where your daughter lives?


The friend is so tiny. Grandpuppy has a second shadow too. It's just not as obvious since part of it is not in the picture. Thanks, Sue.

At "leash" it does to me too!!


I notice the smaller dog has 2 shadows and the bigger dog only has one. Is the extra shadow there to protect the smaller one?


Looks like they are taking you for a walk, at leash it does to me.

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