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Double bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon

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  1. popoko0:26
  2. Lydialove090:30
  3. Ianto0:34
  4. Navea0:34
  5. Spyra790:35
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I hadn't noticed the bun was not toasted - blasphemy!!!! *lol*

Now garlic bread sounds wonderful!! :-))


And I also prefer a toasted bun. In fact, I'd use buttered garlic bread for the bun!


Dj, you are incorrigible, lol! But I admit that I'd prefer a side salad, rather than diluting the savory tastes with iceberg and a blah tomato.

There's a Five Guys about 2 miles south of me, but that's a bit too far to walk in the heat of July. With your cautions taken to heart, I'm in no hurry.


I have only eaten at Five Guys once and thought it was 'okay'. I'm not beating a path to their door to get back there, but I wouldn't turn one down if given to me! *lol* dj

Now this burger looks fantastic...notice no rabbit food!! PLUS extra BACON!!!!! :-)))))




just finished the puzzle; this burger looks really good.


i had a bacon cheese burger looking like that on Friday from Five Guys. the first two times i ate there (in the last 2 months), they were excellent. this last one was falling apart and flavorless. i took the burger and cheese out and had a nice BLT. they wont be seeing me for awhile.

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