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Bird Book: Male Red-Winged Blackbird

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Keeping a beady and watchful eye on me as I'm trying to take a pic of his lady. He was quite vocal in his disapproval and kept puffing up his body to intimidate me! LOL
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  1. nela091:30
  2. Grandma_W1:34
  3. Anita351:38
  4. bluebird421:49
  5. bwitbwit1:56
  6. Ianto1:58
  7. DEF1:59
  8. Jama2:01
  9. mnpuzlr2:05
  10. wolflady2:10


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Well Michelle, looks like a nice day, going for a walk, did yesterday too, but it was chilly.
We aren't allowed to plant on our property, as I live in a town house, only bushes around
the patio, and a few flowers. They have a community garden somewhere in here, where
my one neighbor has a spot, but that's too much work for me. I have a lot of planters,
and I shopped at Home Depot last year for my flowers, but this year I am going back
to the nursery, as I find their flowers look nicer, and lasted longer. Hope you have a
nice trip, and we'll talk soon. Love & hugs to the whole group.


Good morning to you too, Pat! I've been such a busy bunny this past week that I've hardly had time to pop into jigidi and I STILL owe you an em! We've had cooler temps than we've been used to at this time of the year too; the furnace went back on last night! Yesterday, my daughter dragged me out to the nursery that we frequent and various Home Depots to get the various "accessories" needed to start the gardening. Then she ended up at the dollar store buying plastic covers for all the plants she/we got to protect them from the cold! (Mainly tomatoes, peppers and herbs. We container garden due to configuration of our backyard.) We're hoping that this is the last hurrah; the weather prognosis for the rest of the week looks to be warming up so I hope that you and Cali can get out for walk again soon! How wonderful that you get the orioles and wee hummers! We used to have the ruby-throated coming around when the (real) crabapple was still alive but I haven't seen them in quite a while. The orioles are rare too here these days; I used to see them frequently when I was a child. They are beautiful! My husband did see one this past week in the drainage pond that he drives by on his way home. It's been taken over as a home/way stop for many birds and I've gone there just to capture pix of them.

I'm getting a bunch of chores done plus packing for a couple of trips! I'm heading out down to my aunt's farm for a couple of days and then back to swap suitcases so we can make a trip south of the border down Maryland way. I am so looking forward to it!

Many hugs and belly rubs in return! Love M.


Good morning Michelle. This week has been very cold, freeze warning last night, snow
yesterday morning, but we'll get through it. Cali is upset because it is too cold to go
walking. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice. I have hummingbird & oriole feeders, plus
all my others. The orioles really love the grape jelly, have to fill the feeder every day
for them. It holds the juice, oranges & jelly. They are really beautiful, buts it is hard
to capture a picture, as soon as I get near the window they take off. Hope you
all have a nice weekend & love & hugs to all.


More than an eye, Pat: he kept following down the wire above me as I was slowly trying to creep across the bridge to get closer to his lady love! I hope that you have a wonderful one too, Pat!! ☺


He certainly was, Ardy! What you don't get from this is the comments that he was making to my daughter and I; I suspect that they weren't very complementary! LOL (Yup, it was!☺)


Looks like he is keeping an eye on you also. Have a great day..


He sure is all ruffled up, Michelle. Thanks for adding to your bird book. Hope you had a successful day.

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