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Rocky wants the can. Is it a guy thing?

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  1. snooker0:12
  2. PLG19580:12
  3. pumpkinhead0:12
  4. like921150:13
  5. Ianto0:14
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  7. riveroad0:14
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Snooker! You're braver than I! Bears!

Suzy, dignity, I should have known, you have a point. LOL


Rocky didn't want you posting his picture eating out of a fancy glass dish with a ribbon. It's all about his dignity.
Good story, snooker!

The skunk reminded me of this little story. We were watching black bears at a garbage dump one evening and there was a young one with a small pail stuck on his head. We had a blanket out and were about to wrestle it off him when he got loose and ran. Probably lucky for us too. Rocky is just a smart cat. :)


Faye, that funny! You gave me a visual of a skunk, head in jar! Love it! LOL

Bentelyd, he sure did! Ate the whole thing! :DD

Mimi, that's what I was thinking. Sort of like Beer and a glass...just give 'im the can! :DD

Yellowgal, what was I thinking? I can't ruin Rocky's image! It's the can for Rocky from now on. LOL

Come on, Mom, ya know I luv you, but I'm not going for a pretty dish with a satin ribbon on it, it would totally ruin my image!! (plus the neighbors might laugh at me). Too funny, Jeannie :))))


Of course - the can is much more rugged looking! :)


SUre is a guy think jeannie:-))
Is he going to eat the entire can:-))?


My whiskers touch the glass...and I'm smarter than those skunks running around with peanut butter jars on their head! :)))


I don't know...but he went right for the can, and it was the same stuff!


Must be! :)

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