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Peitlerkofel, Italy 4364

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260 pieces
108 solves
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  1. JG54620:21
  2. epaijark23:27
  3. Nalle27:50
  4. 15paws29:27
  5. Pluto29:50
  6. karenholleran31:27
  7. andynak32:06
  8. sally3434:04
  9. apon135:29
  10. tman35:44


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Thank you, Penn Lawyer for the beautiful paragraph. You put into words what all of us are feeling. This too shall pass.

I have never attempted a puzzle w/ so many pieces because I have a very small computer screen, so this was an absorbing challenge, and for that I thank you,most sincerely. You gave me a tremendously appreciated gift, i.e., an escape, if only for an hour & 14 minutes, from the stress & fear of living in a country which has so botched handling the pandemic. Isn't it wonderful how people from all over the world get along so well on this website? I hope that come November, my country can begin to make amends and take steps to rejoin the community of nations and honor the international treaties for a peaceful co-existence, human rights and fair trade (treaties that were so hard won by the sacrifices of earlier world wars) and to honor the Paris accord to save our environment, including the mountains and fields in your lovely puzzle. Peace & good health to all Jigidiers, and especially to you, whomever your are!

Please could you resubmit these puzzles with 200 or less pieces: Peitlerkofel 4364, 4372, 4382.
Thank you.

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