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To Celebrate

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The end of our road trip. By way of thanks to all you wonderful Jigidi Friends who have journeyed along with me on this trip - an invitation to join us for a traditional Kiwi home cooked dinner starting with these pre dinner drinks.
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Been so lovely to have you along. Please help yourself ❤️hugs


Thanks for sharing your beautiful and entertaining trip with us xxx much appreciated ♥♥♥ these do look cool and inviting ♥♥♥♥ hugs xxxxxxxxx


Brian, Coming right up mate.

It’s yours Marina :) Thank you for journeying with me ❤️


Thank you for the lovely journey around your fascinating country! I think I'll have the short whitish one with the green leaves (looks like a Mojito). Cheers!


Pint of Bitter shandy and a fruit juice with ice please Lady Jillian, cheers mate.....B


Excellent Mr Ambassador, what would you and Anne like to drink?


That’s fun lunchtime2 Cheers 🥂 Have a great weekend.


Dj it has been such fun to have you along, thank you. What can I pass you? Cheers


It’s been a great and interesting trip Lady Jillian, we will be there for the celebrations !
Will look forward to your next series, cheers mate.......B & A


Gorgeous cocktails! Enjoying a dark rum cocktail of my own right now in Canada. Happy Friday/End of Week/End of Road Trip!


What a fantastic journey. All good things must come to an end. Thanks for the invite to travel with you. Cheers! :-)) dj




Thanks Jill, CHEERS ....


It has been a pleasure Voronica, a lovely travel companion. Cheers 🥂


Cheers to you 2010August :-)

So happy you have enjoyed the trip Cyndi, thank you for faithfully travelling along. Now what would you like to drink?

G&T coming right up Juba

@jerrys of course - whatever you and Sally would prefer :)

Excellent Dobra, relax, what can I get you?

Lorna been great to have you along. Cheers 🥂

Jaklien it is always lovely to see you, welcome, have a drink, relax


Jillian, thanks so much for including me and taking me along with you to enjoy the sights and sounds of interesting new places, it's been fun. Cheers!!! Voronica~


Dear Jill, thanks for letting me tag along with you for a while, the pre-dinner drinks look tempting ♥


It was a great trip Jill, thank you, and these drinks look SO inviting! Cheers! ☺


Thanks for inviting Jill! This is a great introduction to dinner! :-)


@JillianB How inviting! Did you make any for us?


Ooh. I’ll have a G&T thanks :-)


Thank you so much for the invite to join you for a traditional Kiwi home cooked dinner starting with the pre dinner drinks. They all look delish and so refreshing. Sorry that your trip has come to a close. I so enjoyed traveling with you......

Na dann Prost!

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