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Happy Birthday, Bailey!

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She turned 14 yrs. old this month.
Still my little angel!
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On my Willow puzzle you've just answered my question about Bailey--gone for about three years, which means soon after this photo. I understand how much you have missed her. You still have this photo and many memories of Bailey. Trusting that you are now doing okay.

So is your little angel now 17 years old? And are you and Bailey both doing well? -Patsy


I think you must be right. All the cat people I've "met" on Jigidi have been wonderful. ♥☺♥


Thank you, Louieblouie. I love her little patched of rich brown colored fur.

Thank you, Babray. I adopted her from the shelter, when she was seven weeks old. I hope she is around for many more years, too.

Tisketsmum, Thank you. It took me a while to get the courage to go back on the internet. I am too trusting and some take advantage of that. No more internet dating sites for me. Cats and cat people are better.

Bailey to Tisket: Don't tell my mum but I still have a way of tricking her into doing things I want her to do. We may be 14 but we are happier than ever. We know were loved every day of those 14 years and will continue to be loved for many more.


Oh Bailey, sorry we missed your birthday. Mum had been looking out for you but you were gone for so long. We hope you and your mum are settled and happy in your new home. Now you're as old as me. Love Tisket xx

Happy Birthday, Bailey! You are as beautiful as ever! Here's to many, many more birthdays!

Bailey is a Beauty!


Dear Milly and Willow,
Thank you! I think I must be close to 8 lbs. now and I hardly get sick at all. Mummy brushes me a lot and gave me a laser mouse for my birthday. I really like it even though I cannot seem to catch it.
I adjusted better than my mum did. By the second night I was by the refrigerator looking for mice, but there were none. :( I like to run out the door and down the hall every time my mum comes home. (She needs the exercise, anyways)
Mum needs me so I climb on top of her every time she sits or lays down on the bed. I get all drooly and she doesn't seem to mind... too much...well, unless I sneeze.

Thank You for remembering us. All of my facebook friends removed me. :(
Lori and Bailey


Happy Birthday gorgeous ♥ Hope you and your mum have settled into your new home ..... we have missed you. Hugs, soo, Milly & Willow xxx

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