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The Duchesses have their Day.

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  1. TauCeti11:33
  2. andie98311:39
  3. helluskaine12:30
  4. may33813:47
  5. Sue5615:15
  6. crewe215:17
  7. win9916:41
  8. Kathleen6316:51
  9. River17:08
  10. PuzzledofGuildford17:17


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I am not sure who you mean by us. Meghan, it seems, breaks the Royal dress code rules, regardless of who is paying for her clothes.


good to see the pretty frocks, who pays for their clothes? if it's us we have right to see them

They are the perfect example of a particular quality or type, ... they looked the epitome of elegance and good taste.
Both, quite lovely. Thank you Cyprien. 5-21-18


Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments. I think Meghan's dress was beautiful. The ceremony itself was very interesting. .... But they both make lovely brides. I am more drawn to Kate as a person but Meghan I'm sure will come into her own as a new member of the Royal Family.

Mr Goodboy - so what if Kate looks slimmer in this particular picture?

Also if you see her in a shorter dress when she is with her mum you can clearly see that if anything she has lucky legs

Elaine DR - Well said!

Kossamu, this is just one of tens of thousands of photos taken at the weddings--I'm sure it would be quite easy to find photos of the two women where their posture/expressions were reversed. As far as trust goes, the looks she shared with Harry were full of trust, love, respect, and joy. They were so clearly in love, and willing to show it, despite the royal trappings.

Mrgoodboy, the dress is deceptive--if you saw her later in her Stella McCartney gown, you could see just how slender and shapely she is. But what was your point? That she was an overweight bride? And even if that were true, why say it? Fat-shaming?

Kate looks 20 pounds slimmer than Megyn .

Kossamu that is a ridiculous statement!

Two different women! Two different times!

They were both beautiful.

I think that is a unfair comment.


There is no trust in her eyes...

Kossamu -I think her head was down because she had to ensure that she could totally feel if the veil was about to be detached by those small children carrying it!


A head up and looking straight ahead with a smile beats a head down looking up....

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