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We have simplified the puzzle player

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Does the puzzle player look a little different to you? We have made some changes - aiming to significantly simplify the solving experience ☺

In this blog post; we take you through the alterations.
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I agree with Annemay12. The new “look” takes up too much room on my screen. I want to see only the completed puzzle periodically as I work. And, it is certainly not simpler! Also, I do NOT want to see my time. I do not use Jigidi to compete; I use it to enjoy, and be challenged. Don’t care at all if thousands of people worked the puzzle faster than I did! As another post said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” May be time for me to say goodbye.


Looks simple to use, thanks☺


I’m having the same problems as Ceefercat.

There seems to be a fault, I have completed several puzzles, on the puzzle screen it says 'completed' but going back to the thumbnail page it says 'progress 90%' I've then had to go back to the puzzle screen 4 or 5 times before it'll register that it has been completed.

Side panel: With a small screen, all I want to see is the preview picture, NOT all the other "stuff". Takes up too much of the screen.

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