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Lucid Thoughts

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  1. beagle423:40
  2. l_bethoney3:59
  3. Corrino20204:13
  4. sds6614:15
  5. RockeyRoad4:29
  6. JirkaH4:37
  7. zsy4:43
  8. baba25:00
  9. NickNase5:07
  10. JigiAddict5:09


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@chriswestberry, my holiday was okay. I stayed home and read all day. I can't complain about spending time with a good book. The older I get the more I understand that it's okay to not be trendy and not know all the "hip" things in life. I hope you spent the holiday with the grandkids, nice to know Yoshi is doing good too🌹


Hi Rosee! Hope you had and Munchie had a safe and happy 4th. I loved this puzzle.
this is a part of the country I would love to see, Thanks for sharing! Yoshi and I send Hugs to you and Munchie! (((Hugs))) :o)


Hey Libby. I still need a tv, some random cooking show, so I can make gourmet meals while staring out the window. Yeah I thought about this:-))



With a view like that one would not need a TV, just a big picture window!

Glad to see you again Rosee!


Hey Gordon thanks for the comment:-))

@mariolyn, I guess you like fences, thanks for stopping by:-))


I really like this, especially the FENCE. Thanks.


Nice to have you back TTR. I always like the photos you post.

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