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Willow loves this box more than anything else
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  1. Erzulis1:24
  2. dianajnelson1:29
  3. ullauhrskov1:31
  4. jbow1:32
  5. thebetterhalf1:36
  6. Impie1:37
  7. anan1:53
  8. JoAnn51:56
  9. beyondwords1:58
  10. LSW1:59


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Thank-you beyondwords and Willow is lovely to have around 😀


Willow is still one of the most beautiful cats on Jigidi, and one of my favourites. Trusting she brings you hope and joy and comfort during times of worry and stress.


Naboo looks like a lovely cat too dblay :-)


It is so funny how cats love boxes. They will try to squeeze themselves into any size they can. She is beautiful in this box and seems to be really satisfied. I'm just finding these pictures. I thought I'd check out your sight when I saw your message on Haney's page. (hcamp) I've left a short message on a couple of other pictures. Stay safe there in Australia and, hopefully, soon things will be better. My Avatar is our cat, Naboo, pronounced Nuh-boo. :-)


Well, we always make allowances for 'royalty' Impie. ♥☺♥☺♥


Yes Willow reminded me of Jimmy too Impie - lovely memories :-)


Oh my....I love hearing that Willow is doing a "Jimmy" but also a "Happy" with her box! I recognize the chewed on edge!!!! :-)
Remember Jimmy always shredding his boxes? Our Happy was the same, even with Chiquita banana boxes he didn't have a problem, you'll know them the 'very thick' cardboard ones!!! ! LOL answer your question.....I remember one kitty who didn't like squezing into boxes....that was my kitty boy Goofie!!!! He loved his soft kitty bed, but NO boxes....not even sitting in the lid of a shoe box!!!!! ...laying treats in it didn't help either ! LOL


Thanks Pammi she is a lovely girl. She has started chewing on this box now too so is always spitting bit’s of cardboard on the sofa and floor around her :-)


Oh yes, the old sit in the box trick, Is there a kitty anywhere in this world who does not love squeezing into any box, big or small, even if they have bit of furry overflow. Fortunately, you are just the right size for this Willow and still looking as beautiful as always. She is divine, Lynette.


And they keep changing with Willow too :-)


Strange how they take to certain places, Lynette, Foxy has her 'special' places too. :)

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