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And not a skate key in the bunch

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The entire box is keys, most of them with labels attached indicating what they once opened. They're my grandfather's collection. (I recognize the handwriting.)

However this does constitute an entry to this week's Theme: Toys and Games. A key ring with several keys was my favorite birthday gift for 3 and 4 year old children for many years. Children love having tools just like Mommy and Daddy -- and Fisher Price king-sized colored plastic keys have nothing on the real thing!
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wow. that's amazing. i have a utensil drawer that looks like this. at least it doesn't look like there is anything sharp in here. i agree this qualifies as a toy.


Thanks Dave.

Which age, Lunie? My grandfather's age when he died? 92? I don't know. I'm not there yet.


How would it be to be at that age?


Skeleton keys for doors, old furniture keys, small box keys, padlock keys, clock keys, but not a skate key to be seen! Great puzzle Jacki.


You're welcome, Hanne. Oh too bad to lose the skate keys. Yes, I lost mine too.

Jim, My grandfather was a fanatic about locks. Locked desk drawers, locked cabinets, locked chests, locked boxes, locked closets, locked garden sheds. And he never threw anything away! Hence this amazing collection.


Oh yes, we had skate keys until we had the skates on boots.... and then we lost the keys... disaster!!!! Thanks Jacki! :-)))


Happy to meet you Arizonacharlie. It's amazing the things we keep. I think you can still get those little round key ring things.


And my grandfather had many years, 92 of them, in which to amass his collection Lunie.

You're wecome Suzy! I had fun taking the pictures. This was the only one I took o the whole bunch, But I took some out for small group photos. Unfortunately the ink faded on many of the labels. Only a few are legible. And less than helpful. "key to small shed in garden." Which garden where? He lived in Milton, Cambridge, and Concord as well as on the island. And some of the keys were related to cabinets at the Fogg Art Museum where he worked for many years.

Welcome home Ardy. It's good to have you back but I'm glad you had the opportunity to go! ♡ warmed Hugs!!

What a super puzzle to do. Thank you bluebird42. I have a similar but smaller, collection from my parents' home of 64 years and recognise the circular cardboard keyrings, edged with metal. Lovely.


Good morning, Jacki. I see one that would have unlocked our side door at home. You did go look after Suzy's skate key puzzle. Fun. Thanks, Jacki. Glad to be home but miss being with Michelle et al. We mentioned several times the wonderful time we had with you. Lots of loving hugs to make up for the days I've missed this past week.


Starting the day out with a huge laugh! Thank you, Jacki!!!
This made a very tricky puzzle, and keys, of course, were a toy of choice!


Accumulated through the years... Tfs jacki.

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