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Still looking for us. lol. Meant to answer this earlier but had so many tabs open it got lost.
So I will look for 3 .... 1 for each of us ... as I 'm sure you want one too Ken. ☺


Omg! I LOVE deer! I didn't know you had this one in your collection Lovely Lady!

So... where can I get one of these please? Santa don't seem to want to share his, and never mind that they wouldn't find the Aussie climate very nice - I still want one ;-)


You are most welcome moviegirl.☺


So sweet, twistinNturnin. I love your message at the end. Thank you for sharing.


Whew... that's a relief. I think I just made a puzzle for you. Let's see if I figured it out. NY is New least this time of I bookmark so many... it's a wonder they let me stay on line..☺☺I save some for ideas of arts and crafts, just to look at, for education of granddaughter, color schemes, etc.... you get the idea. ☺♥


WHAT in Sam Hill is ..."a NY puzzle", dee? Those of us who ...don't publish (I never learned HOW, to be honest) ...receive tags non-the-less. ; )

Today = a day of ...celebration/remembering. I ♫retired♫ 24 yrs ago TODAY from the Fed Govt w/over 35 yrs service.

FYI: Was just givin' you a bit of hard-core ribbing. I'm aware how many you solve daily and you give hints of your bookmark backlog. ; )


Sry Lin.... just saw this...TY for your wishes. I did a NY puzzle for Jigidi in general, and commented on a few of the ones I solved. Am trying to figure out how to send to certain ones like you who don't publish.... Just dense on how to do it. You should know that I would not intentionly ignor you. So you had your trials and tribulations last year... now wishing a Super year for you in '18.


That's just FINE prob. Used to being ignored..........................................................................!


Ooops! 12-31-17 11:60AM



Well...Dee - fast fwd and here we be ...New Year's EVE! Dropping by a few choice old/new friends with greetings and ...sincere thanks. Need a bit of help kicking 2017 in the butt -maybe you and your reindeer and lend some hard toed...kicks!
Thank you -sincerely- for all the love/support you've shown me thru this &*^@ year. The power of prayer is, indeed, a wonder. We ask; He listens.
Another year, my dear friend - hope/pray it is a good one for you and your family.
Kristi, CeSi, and ...Lin


Ah the fingers again. The word should have been "prayor" with "prayee". ☺


A great "present" of hearing from you. TY. Think of you often. " Old " is what my body mind refuses to accept it. ☺☺ The power of prayer is awesome.... for both the prayer and the prayee ...☺ New word to go in my dictionary ... don't think Websters will accept it though. May you truly be blessed this season and the new year. Merry Christmas hugs on their way... Catch! ♥♥ dee


Hey, my tried-and-true friend! Stopping by to wish my old/new jigidi friends a Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Healthy New Year. Guess you'd be classed as an *old*; sorry. ; )))
I appreciate your firm support during this not-too-good year; did -DOES- help tremendously knowing there still be good people sending up prayers.
Take care, my friend -know you'll enjoy precious time with your family.

Love ya, girl♥


Hey Paz...thanks for dropping in and the gracious comment.☺Happy you enjoyed it. I could see you feeding the reindeer ☺


Cute Twistin'! You've always got that touch on these type of things! AKA: Everything!


We had one come in to camp once .. no fear either... and there were at least 50 of us! The owner of the ranch took it in to his care. Not so sure we did it a favor. Thank you for stopping in Shirley.☺

Luv this pic-- I HAD A BABY DEER COME RIGHT ON MY PORCH-- no fear at all !!


Good one BK☺


Giving Rudolph his nose ☺♥♥♥


Hello, at this moment I work a lot !!! *__*


Happy you stopped in Perleblanche .... ☺


Ciao twistinNturnin !!!!


Thank you 6tc for stopping by. Well I am surely amiss with goodies for Mrs. Claus! Shame on me... will be making it right this year! ☺☺


Lovely image! When little, we used to put cookies & milk for Santa, a "goodie bag" for Mrs. Claus, and apples for the reindeer, ☺


Thank you pumpkin and Wendy for popping in. Well there will treats from you both too ... the reindeer will be so happy. ☺☺Merry Christmas to you both....and to all !


This is so sweet. Yes, the reindeer definitely need a treat, too.......ho-ho-ho.........Wendy


One must always remember the reindeer. :) Sweet puzzle twistiNturnin!

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