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Embalming fluid bottle house

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Located on Kootenay Lake B.C. Canada. About 500,000 bottles used in the construction.
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  1. Steamer4:49
  2. center5:04
  3. roseh5:16
  4. stephanie995:29
  5. RaynaGrace26:27
  6. fillia7:05
  7. rkhealey7:11
  8. bzj8vh7:20
  9. JFRS7:49
  10. heathercru7:50


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I'm all for Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, but this seems a little unwholesome; I wonder about the residue, too.


Thanks, edduke, maybe now that I'm retired, we'll get back there and see how it's changed. We liked going across the lake on a ferry to Nelson (?). It's been so long ago, memory fails me.

On another trip, we went with neighbors to Trout Lake ... the cabins we stayed in were accessible by boat only. Quite secluded to say the least. Terrific fishing. Parents went out at night. At one end of the lake was a little village with a quaint, old-fashioned general store. It had actually penny candy! All 8 of us kids thought we were in heaven.

RockysRider, nice to have good memories you can enjoy your whole life, Hope the fish was tasty!


My family vacationed for many years on Kootenay Lake, Cummings Resort in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. We always drove by that house. The lake is beautiful and 90 miles long. Dad would catch huge fish (forget the kind). A lot of happy weeks and long weekends spent there.

The construction material of this place gave us kids the creeps, too.

Yes, TeaLady , on a bright day the bottles do sparkle , especially in the back, as the house sits on a cliff overlooking the lake. The good news is that now there is a 25 cent glass bottle recycle refund, so if you and Rayne were willing to work nights we could really CLEAN-UP ! Hammer and chisels supplied. Just kidding.

We saw the house in 1978 and it was much more translucent in the sunshine! It was quite something!


I wonder if there is any kind of health hazard from residue. I'm sure they were cleaned but still...just the idea is kind of creepy.

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