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Knowing how to spell is so important.

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LOL! Thank you, Robin. All is well. Actually I have been spending some time in the beautiful outdoors. This is my favorite season of the year. Hope all is well with you, too, my friend!


I hope all is well with you and yours dixie...and that you have just been out enjoying the


I haven't been on here in a while (sorry) and I love the humorous comments from you all! So glad you are enjoying yourselves!! Thanks for your great comments Judy, Robin, Gina, Donna, Donna, Bev, Kay, Evelyn and SlapHappy!! ♪ღ♪¨*•.¸Hugs¸.•*•♪ღ♪


i am not certain if that is a great place to hide easter eggs...but to each their own.


LOL, Bev. Lakewood Springs needs you as their PR person.

--------------HEY GANG I'M JUST BEING SILLY-----------------------:))

Lakewood Springs Egg Hunt | Lakewood Springs Clubhouse and Pool - Southside | Saturday, 08. April 2017

The 2017 egg hunt will be on Saturday April 8th. Arrive early as the hunt begins promptly at 10:00am. Over 4,000 eggs to be found & Prizes for each age group will be hidden in special eggs with Golden Tickets!

After the hunt, join us in the cluhouse for crafts, snacks and pictures with the Easter Bunny!

This is a private event open to residents of Lakewood Springs (North & South).



What if they did the spelling on purpose??? Ever think of that???


Hi Dottie. Oh my, this is hilarious!!!! As the title of your puzzle says, "knowing how to spell IS so important." (ha, ha) I am wondering what the folks who live in this town had to say the first time they drove by here and saw this AND, I wonder what the person who put the sign up is feeling, right now. Pretty embarrassed, I'm sure. Thank you for posting this and I hope you are having a good day, my friend. I hope you didn't have any wind damage or otherwise Wednesday. We didn't even have any rain but I'm thankful it didn't become what they had predicted. I wish our weather would settle down. :(


ROTFL! I'm not sure which is funnier, this sign or all your comments about it! We've got some real deep stinkers~uhh~I mean THINKERS on here! I think my family & I will skip this event too!


I agree Robin. Harmless fun!


I think that stinks judy......some people just don't have any


You were a troublemaker? lol Now we know. I think it is a harmless activity, but I know my nephew got the police called on them for doing this one time.


LOL! That's funny, Robin. I did a double take when I first read it, too! : )


this is so funny dixie........I read it once and then "hmmm ..what did that say" for the tag bob.......I am glad I didn't miss this one......robin


Dottie, You are so welcome. I wanted to bring as many here as I knew would appreciate your efforts. You always do good but once in a while our friends don't get to see it! Glad to see you're as happy as I am today. And you all that came to see this and leave these incredibly humorous comments, you made this one of the nicer puzzles in a while so thank you all!


Yep, A lot of people look at flowers, those beautiful roses, and complain about the thorns. And we look at the thorns and are glad they come with those beautiful roses!


Well said, Bob! I'm glad those thorns have roses, too! Thanks!


Hi Haney! I agree...the family rate would be very nice. haha! : )


Dottie, I am just now catching up. What a place for an egg hunt! The family rate would be nice. Haney :-)


Thanks EVERYONE for your great comments. And thank you, Bob, for tagging all these wonderful people! I haven't laughed this much in a long time! Love you all!! Dottie


Sorry a wee bit busy on that day, everyone else enjoy!!


This is so funny....I am in stitches laughing....this made my entire day!!! Thanks so much DixieGalxxx Have a great day xxhugs Erika




I think I will pass on this one thanks ;0)


Yeah, you aren't going to hunt for my eggs there . . .

We've got Rapscallions out here too.
However, some idiots couldn't find it with both hands (this doesn't go for kids).
Thank you Dottie.




Hahhaa, that was funny, way to be a kid.☺☺


What did the doctor say? Any dates yet?


Dottie, I didn't either. I had to look it up. Rascals is right! Still a funny puzzle. Hey, I liked it!


Oh Bob, I didn't know that!! Those rascals!! But I gotta say, they have a great sense of humor.

Maggie, you're welcome. I love those church signs, too.


Thanks, Jals. That's mostly because the matzah hunts were not quite as exciting.


Actually, according to their site it is the "Annual Egg Hunt" and some rascal or rascals removed an 'n' and a 'u'. Then pushed what was left together. ANnuAL. Rascals!


Annual Maggs. ;-)

LOL lefty50 So glad you've kept your childlike faith. ;-)


Dottie ~ I love this! Should be AnUal, I'm thinking? I've published some of these types of church signs--they're my favorite. Thanks for the great laugh!


lol Have you ever had hemorrhoids banded? That is awful!! I took a heating pad and stuffed it between my legs. lol


I must say, I'm a little surprised to find out that these seasonal eggs don't come from the Easter Bunny.


Yeah, Judy. It's definitely not my favorite thing!! And then when you go to work afterwards, you're walkin' like you sat on a hot barbecue and the guys are laughin' and the boss says "What's wrong with Bob?" and the guys just laugh and one says "Oh nothin'. He just got the glove is all."


All's I can say is, they would be sorry. lol Bob, my husband has some issues and has had to have a biopsy of that area more than once. He says that really hurts.


OMG...ROFLMAO !!! too funny love it !!


LOL Bob! (ᴼ◡ᴼ)


Gee, Bob, thanks for flagging me with this very special "invitation," but unfortunately I have a previous commitment. REALLY sorry to miss this awesome event. Do have fun and be sure to give us a blow-by-blow description when it's over.


I'm busy elsewhere on that day.


Y'all have got me laughing again...more than I did when I first saw this sign!! Thanks everyone!!


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Love your story Hismorts. B.


Too funny! suemarie, that's hilarious! It reminds me of my last physical. When you get to be of a certain age, you get more complete physicals than when you were younger. Well, I went for mine and the receptionist gave me a "medical history" sheet to fill out. Again. So I did. Again. My name, my address, height, weight, birthday, etc. When I was done I took it back to her and she said I left out my birthday so I told her December 4th and she said "What year?" and I told her"Why, every year."

Anyway, the doc comes in and checks me out, writes some in my chart, says I could lose a few pounds and the blood pressure is a little higher than he'd like it so cut back on the salt. Then he grabs the dreaded glove. He does his thing and I mean he was being thorough. Like touching my tonsils! I'm trying to stay quiet, but gohhhh-ly!! I mean it!! Yikes!

He gets done and says "Everything's fine". So he asks if there's anything I want to know or to tell him before he leaves and all I could say was "Call me?"


Phew! Luckily I'll be busy elsewhere....


Yes, B can be even more expensive that NU in the letter supply market.


I think there was a slight misspelling, the real word is "BANAL", and that changes things a bit... :-{


Master of ceremonies will be the Easter Bunny, played by our member, Bill Smith, a local proctologist.....


All I can say is ewwwwwwwwww!!


I think I'll pass on this event, ThankYouVeryMuch!


Someone will be making a medical discovery, and won't even have to pay for it.

Sign me up!!!!