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Cornelian Butterfly on red mini rose..

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle? the Roma St Parklands Sunday morning.
Not sure if it's a Bright or a Dark Cornelian - I had to really hunt to ID this one!

Brisbane, Australia.
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  2. Robbos0:07
  3. snooker0:07
  4. saladlover0:07
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This is my first sighting too Shirley - I've never seen so many in Summer before either. I'll check out yours next - thanks :)))

Thanks Suzy, smllpkg, Ami and Marry - I'm glad I persevered and got this shot:)))


It's wings reflect the colour of the rose, Rob!


Great shot Robyn!


I'd have thought moth, too. Unusual coloration for a butterfly.


That is a very unique color for a butterfly! Excellent shot of him-right down to the tips of his antenna!


I've not seen this one around, Rob, very pretty, Thanks. I'm seeing lots of lovely butterflies in my garden too, I posted some today, not the best photos as it was a bit windy and they wouldn't settle long enough to take a good picture.


Thanks Barb - there were better roses nearby - but we couldn't convince it to move:)))

Thanks Janet - we almost gave this one a miss - it looked so small and moth-like:)))


Beautiful photo thanks, Rob. Fabulous butterfly and gorgeous rose. hugs.


Great photo Rob, the red rose looks very good too :) Thanks!


Thanks Nev - it was my first sighting too:))

Thanks Lunie:)))

No snooker - just a dusky brown/grey - and it was flitting around the red roses:))) Thanks:)))

It was all brown/grey Beekay - and we thought it was a moth at first!! It doesn't look anything like the one in the link - sadly:((((( I only realised that it had a slight pattern on the wings when I put it up on the screen! We had to be quick photographing it - as it took off out of reach!! Thanks Beekay:)))


Was it orange on the upper side of the wings?

Scroll down 7's on the right side. If you click the image it will enlarge.

Was it a dusty rose color? Would have looked pretty on a white flower but the butterfly chose this one. :)


Pretty colored butterfly!


LOL!! Thanks Jacki:))) Who worries about times though:))))

This one looked a bit like a moth at first Lyndee - until I zoomed in:))) Thanks :))

We've had more butterflies than I can ever remember this Summer Dave - and I'm enjoying photographing them, except when they lead me on a merry chase:))) Thanks :)))

Thanks Patti - my pleasure:)))


WONDERFUL, Robyn! Thank you!


Its so awesome your finding and photographing these butterflies!! We have one similar to this but not the same. Great photo Robyn!!!


I can see how it would be hard to spot this butterfly on this particular flower. Nice shot Robyn.


and i thought 'wonderful timing'. i was working one of your puzzles when a new one popped up. but i was actually beaten twice already.

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