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After The Storm

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We had some rain and wind from Hurricane Isaias yesterday. By afternoon it had cleared, the sun came out and this was my view from the upstairs window.


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I know. Another storm did come through a few hours later. Thanks, Shirley.

Was a bit concerned as to whether you were OK when I didn't see you around yesterday. Hoped you were just busy.


So glad you are ok, US_femail. I think most mail is not worth the risk to the carriers - maybe medicines and checks - but even those could wait a day usually. While at my house we had rain and but a lot of wind there were over 400,000 without power in the area and one person died when a tree fell on his car while he was driving.


Lovely view, Ardy, Thank you, so hard to believe there was a storm earlier.


That was the most frightening storm in my 32 years as a mail carrier. That wind was brutal. One of my customers came out today and said he was so glad I was ok. He said he watched me from the window as I delivered the mail with my umbrella as trees and branches fell all around me. That wind even turned my umbrella with the wind vents inside out a few times.

I do remember what a beautiful sky that was after the clouds blew by and the sun came out.


You're welcome Angela.


Look good, Faye. Thanks, ♥♥♥


Thanks, Barb. It could have been bad. we were lucky. Hugs ♥


You're welcome, Francine.


A beautiful view, Ardy! Thanks for sharing.


The trees are breathing joyously...the dust of summer washed away, sunshine and blue sky refreshing the air...all is well. ❤️❤️❤️


Not a bad view at all considering it was a hurricane for a little while and it passed right by you....that's a good news, Ardy. Hugs ☺♥


Lovely. Thanks, Ardy.


Thanks, Jackie.

Yes, Pam. The sun was welcome. Love watching the clouds. Thanks.

Thanks, alias2v

Thanks, Ank. You're right. The sun does shine again. Hugs♥♥♥

Me too, Beth. You're so right. And it has been worst in the past. Thanks.

Thanks, Lunie. It was rather humid but pretty in the afternoon.

Thanks, Jacki. That's a great window to shoot from. ☺ ♥Hugs♥


Nice one, Ardy. Beautiful clouds in the background and happy trees in the foreground. Thank you and ♡hugs


You have clearer skies than us here Ardy...your photo is beautiful!


Glad it was fast-moving. Could have been worse!


A blue sky again. ☺ Just like everything in life. ☺ Hugs ♥♥♥



Feel sure you welcomed this view yesterday, Ardy! ☺︎
Very thankful storm did not cause undue problems for you & your area in general. ♥︎

Very pretty blue sky's, Thank you.


Thanks, Sandi. Yes, I'm thankful too. Had another storm last night but it didn't last real long. Glacing at the paper this morning it seems Maryland didn't get too bad a hit.


Glad it went on past you without incident, Ardy.