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Lovely garden and cottage, by mmwm

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I'm glad you do Sue! I love it too - and I want it of course.... haha.


Love it, love it, love it...Sue

I'd go there if I were you Dondi. If you're not to far off that is. I bet it's beautiful to see in real life. :-))


Thanks for the info. Maybe I can hunt down more info on the web - failing that, I suppose I could go there!

Hi dondi! I didn't save any info together with the photo, but I did some digging and found it again. The photo is tagged with "Maine botanical garden", "Boothbay" and "children's garden", so it's probably only for show. It's really so very picturesque. Thanks dondi! :-))

Thanks Graciela! I'd love to have this cottage and garden.... :-))


Beautiful, the white cat fence, I love it!!


This is astonishing! It's tiny, although it's not clear it's not a room addition on a larger building. But the cats in the fence, the delightful garden, the long grass growing on the roof...?? Meanwhile, there's what looks like an outhouse to the left of it - I don't see how it is big enough to be anything else, and there appears to be a vent coming out the roof - and a barn. I can't help wondering where this is, and wishing for more pictures to provide better context.