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Fancy, what are you doing? More Cat-antics.

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Hungry I guess. Good thing I have a dish washer!
I don't even know how she got up there! Nasty!
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  3. Robbos0:31
  4. e0070:32
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Yellowgal, white things in the cupboard, that's an interesting possibility. Cat secrets....I might believe that one...and she is absolutely one step ahead of me! The photos prove it! LOL :DDD

She's not telling how she got up there ( cats have secrets known only to them); looks like she's having way fun trying to keep 1 step ahead of you, Mom !! Maybe all-things-white belonged in the cupboard?? She's a hoot, Healer !!!!


Snooker, Well....she is a ham!

I'll take a big helping of Fancy served on a plate any day. :)


Mimi, it kind of gives a new meaning to the word "Cat Food" doesn't it!


Awwww............she is adorable! She can come over and sit on my plates any time! (I've got a good dishwasher too) :))


ILK, thanks. She's a funny little thing. That cabinet hangs from the ceiling. Still not sure how she got up in there!


pretty and cute!!


Samantha, Oh yes, I had to rewash everything on that first shelf! I've found her in my dresser drawers, and hanging on a curtain. I never know what she's going to get into next!

Faye, investigating or just plain snoopy! The curiosity and the cat thing I guess. And yes. The door was open. I was putting away the clean dishes.... I guess I asked for it huh! LOL


Just investigatin! Well, the door WAS open! :)))


she does blend in with your plates.....I'd rather have her in there than ants! The dishwasher is probably a good idea!!

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