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RIP, Shanni

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Forever in our hearts, 8/18/2018
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@carrps :) I know....


Yes, that's what we plan to do.


Wish I had the words to make it easier; however, life doesn't always toss us the roses. It is easy to say remember the good times. Instead, I'll leave you with this: cuddle Max; take him for the "car rides;" carry him on his "walks;" give him those extra treats or "no-no" people foods; ...; don't regret one minute of one day. You said you would treat him like a king. Make sure he knows you are "happy." He needs sunshine now...and so do you.


Yes. It's been especially hard since we only have had Max for a year. We adopted Luc and Shanni together and had them for over 12 years. 2020 is the worst year ever....


Well...feisty is good, shows personality ;) In looking through your puzzles (because of Max), I noticed the yearly dates of your losses. I thought how difficult for you to have these anniversaries occur. an animal person you know this. I actually try very hard to not remember the actual dates of when mine have gone. Sometimes memory can be cruel. Instead, I try to think of them when the sun shines, when a flower blooms, when a motorcycle goes by (my Chilupa's first family), when.... You get the drift. Doesn't always work.


She passed four days away from exactly a year earlier than Luc. She had a seizure disorder that finally couldn't be controlled. She looks sweet, but she was feisty!


And...Shanni, too - your little sweetheart.



Their life is far to short, but they give such joy while they are here. My deepest Sympathy for your loss.


I share your sorrow.


Thank you. It's still a bit raw.


Very, very sorry for your loss

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